Diamond in the rough – Gastown

I’ve been touring Gastown lots lately it seems. This neighborhood was always such a good potential spot, but restaurants were hit and miss as well as stores. Not now. There seems to be a solid arrival of restaurants and local designers.

Diamond is a great new resident restaurant and cocktail establishment. This one is not at street level, instead its upstairs in the corner historic building over looking Maple Tree Square. In the summer the windows are open to enjoy the sounds and fresh air, but the fall the rainy days just create a comfortable backdrop on the windows for one to enjoy.

This is a cocktail friendly locale, with pages and pages of cocktails! There are also some good wine choices too. But they do serve some tasty light South East Asian dishes which are light on the wallet, yet super satisfying.

From the five buck home made gyoza (is someone’s mom in the kitchen?), to the simple edamame to the twelve buck ceviche, its a small but delicious little menu. Hang out with an eclectic mix of people – worth the stop for sure.

The Diamond


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