Pourhouse – a historic place in Gastown

Gastown is definately growing out of it’s “just for the tourist” shell. With the arrival of Pourhouse, there is now a variety of great places! I find myself at Pourhouse more often as its comfortable and a refreshing change, plus when you know a few people – it makes it an easy place to stop in. Every visit I have tried something new. Everytime I am surprised at how a modernized take on an old favourite or recipes I didnt know about are so good!

Let’s start, shall we? Typically, calamari is served lightly breaded in rings with Tzatziki sauce or lightly wok fired with hot peppers. I am sure you are familiar with this style! But not at Pourhouse. Neon Squid are steaks grilled to perfection. There’s an even spice and a bit of crispy garlic to add some zest to each bite. Pourhouse (Chef Chris Irving) as far as I know, is the only one doing squid this way in Vancouver. It reminds me of my travels – where it was my only time  to have squid this way and its the only time I liked this usually chewy fish. It’s a better way to appreciate the texture and flavor.

Sloppy Joe. Do you remember this messy goop of  a sandwich your Mom used to make? It’s back! This one is delicious and not as messy! Pemberton Beef mixed with Sloping Hills Pork inside a grilled baguette – delicious! It’s hard to be a lady when you bite into this one. trust me. ha ha.

Scallops were juicy and tender, with a side of thick bacon and house made apple side. They were simple and nice.

Crispy Cheese is a take on a homemade grilled gourmet cheese, with a side of roasted tomato soup to dip it in. Well even if its your soup, we dipped it anyways! This was a shared dish, and we were not very polite at sharing! Perfect comfort food for a rainy Vancouver day or just because.

The next dish, I was hesitant to order. “I dont do pork and beans” I declared, as if I were so past that kind of food. But it was ordered, and to my surprise, it was delicious! Well, not that I dont trust that the Chef would make something I wouldn’t like. Anyways, the pork sausage tasted like it was homemade and the beans were not at all what I expected! They were so good, white beans gently mixed with the perfect amount of flavor. We ended up fighting for the last spoonfuls.

I will write more about my Pourhouse culinary adventures soon I am sure!



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