Wine and Cheese Bars

Salt was the first to start this mini craze in Vancouver. Then it was Uva. Now we have Au Petit Chavignol, Campagnolo, The Refinery – all specializing in wine, cheese, charcuterie and a smaller menu.

Although, the same theme, they are very different, and only a few are favourites:


What I love most is surprising guests that come to town, by taking them down the back alley to get to the front door of Salt. Its gritty, the dumpsters sometimes are not pristine and the folks hanging around are….suspicious to say the least. But upon arrival to the giant salt shaker above the door, the large window lets you see the warm atmosphere inside, busy with people. One long table for seating, gives you an opportunity to get close to your neighbors, or seats at the bar or front window or tables gives you some privacy. Expect a fresh list of cheese, charcuterie and just a couple items on the menu. They really do take wine and cheese seriously. I recommend you do the ‘wildcard’ – and let the staff choose your cheese to go with the wine! Sundays, they do cheese fondue – yummmm.


I could not wait for this bar to open! It resides beside the lobby of the now Moda Hotel. Its earlier days saw this as the Dufferin Hotel with a not so clean drag queen bar. Totally renovated and revamped – the Moda Hotel ( a trendy boutique hotel) now has Uva Wine Bar and Cibo Trattoria(just voted the best restaurant in Canada by enroute magazine) on either sides of the lobby. Uva, is this friendly, down to earth yet funky, retro space with an eye to detail. It feels like a little piece of Portland in Vancouver. Gather friends or just two, or just you, it doesnt matter – you will never have a bad time. The menu is small tapas with cheese and meats, but delightful! Try the aranacini balls, different bruschettas and you can even order from the Cibo menu! The wine list has lots to offer and if your not sure, just ask the staff or resident sommolier – Sebastien. Definately my favourite Wine bar in the city!


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