12B – Unique Restaurant Experience

12B, that sounds like an apartment number. That’s correct. It is. And Chef Todd has transformed his apartment space into a funky home based restaurant! But sshhhhh, it might be a bit of an “underground” concept. Surrounded by art of all styles, you sit at a long shared wood table with jam jars as your wine glass, awaiting Chef Todd to serve you the first course of 6. We brought our own wine, of course the foodies that we are seemed to match each wine choice perfectly without even knowing the menu! He provided sparkling water and his friendly chatter in and out of the kitchen.

Here’s what we enjoyed:

cream of pumpkin soup with ancho chili

frisee and greens with eggplant and red pepper jelly, sputnik goat cheese and chive balls and nuts

herbed salmon cooked to a perfect medium, asparagus souffle and chantreles in a brandy cream sauce

lemongrass turkey thigh with brandied oranges

beef short ribs with a pomegrante sauce, zucchini and corn with couscous

poached pear with butternut squash ice cream

Each portion was just right – not too much, not too little. The flavors and the colors were a delight and well displayed on each plate. Chef Todd is definately talented!

12B: a unique restaurant experience

no website yet.

Leave a comment if you require the reservation information!

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