Cibo Trattoria – the best italian

It is hard to declare the best in a specific category. Especially since there are so many different regions and cuisines in Italy alone. But there is one which stands above the rest. Cibo. Okay, so it just happens to be a sibling of my favorite wine bar, but still…it is..well…perfect.

I took my Mom last year just after it opened. She of course commented on the portion size, and well was a bit not excited. Unlike me. Sure the portions are smaller, but what you get in every single bite is amazing flavors! Its about the culinary flavor experience, not the size! Not one bite is missing what the last bite had. Its so fresh and unique and flavorful. And it’s filling and satisfying, so smaller sized portions (to those who are not used to it) really doesn’t make a difference.

I will admit that I am a bit closed minded to meat – grazing outside the farmstead. Probably began when the folks tried to pass Moose meat off as Roast beef! However, I have on occasion trusted the dear staff to pick something off the menu for me at cibo, that I would not normally pick. And every time I am surprised that I liked it! Don’t tell my Mom that!

The menu changes daily and I’ve been told the freezer is about the size of a shoe box. Which means fresh fresh fresh and local. I will share more culinary experiences at Cibo, as I just noticed they have hot apple and pear fritters with creme fraiche and cinnamon on the dessert menu. Looks like it’s time to visit again.

Cibo Trattoria

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