Rangoli – a mini Vij’s

The easiest place to go and eat when you just want simplicity and a short night, is Rangoli. The little sister to Vij’s (right next door) – a long time favourite Indian restaurant in Vancouver. It’s casual but modern, a small space but a sizeable menu. The staff remember you and always share their favourites. It’s just a regular neighborhood restaurant packed with ambiance.

I thought the Savoury Chaat was delicious, or the Cauliflower-spinach-onion-potato pakoras. For a lighter but tasty ‘salad’ – try the tomato-paneer salad (served when in season). For the vegetarian side of you – the Portabello Mushroom and Red Bell Pepper Curry is perfect and it’s served with a side of their beet salad – soooo good!

The Black Chickpea, Peas and Onion Cakes in Spicy Coconut Curry is different and really packed with flavours. It’s in a soupy style curry broth with a side of rice. Also the Spicy Pulled Pork on sautéed Greens – is light but really tasty – one of those dishes you envy your friends for ordering. And for a more traditional, rich curry try the Lamb in Cumin and Light Cream Curry.

Perfectly matched to any entrée is Vij’s Chai, it’s a must. Or choose one of their simple beers, like a bottle of Citrus White Ale or a glass of the Joie Riesling.

But make sure to have some room for their Rice Pudding. I have to admit, I’ve been a “I don’t like that stuff” sort of rice pudding person. However, this creation has changed my mind (but don’t tell my parents this). There is thankfully enough to share or eat politely in the restaurant and then take the rest home to indulge in privately. 🙂

And of course, there is always their take-home section, for those who just want to cuddle up on the couch. Packaged curries, rice, raita and naan, all To-go!

Don’t forget, they don’t accept reservations, just like at Vij’s.

Vij’s Rangoli

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