Mongolian Hot Pot – a Canada Line adventure

With a trip of only 20 minutes on the Canada Line, going from Broadway/City Hall station to Lansdowne Mall in Richmond is easy! So why not get out there and explore by train (less road rage guaranteed)!

One stop you will enjoy is the Mongolian Hot Pot Restaurant on the East side of Lansdowne Mall (just walk in and signs will guide you). As you enter the restaurant, the banner states “Healthy, Herbal soup“, interesting, I thought!

This was my first “hot-pot” experience and it surely will not be the last! We sat down at a table with a table top element in the middle and were given a list of ingredients to check off and hand in. First, you choose the type of broth you would like to have as your soup base. You can do one pot of one type or you can do half one broth in a divided pot and half another broth. This is what we did. We chose the vegetarian mushroom broth and the chef special spicy broth. To eat we chose: the fatty beef slices (which comes on a plate with each piece folded in half); the vegetable combobok choy and tong ho (a chinese leafy veg similar in taste to cilantro); fish and shrimp balls (the fish were my favourite); pork and shrimp dumplings (house made and delicious) and pork and chive wonton (also house made).

Of course, you can choose to add many other ingredients, such as: beef tripe, mutton, tofu, potato, cabbage, oyster mushrooms, duck feet (or web as they call it), vermicelli, chicken, tilapia fillet slices (having this next time), geoduck (type of clam), scallops or squid. Just to name a few.

So, once our pot of broths was boiling, we started dropping the ingredients in. The meat took about 45 seconds (if that), and everything else not long at all. We looked around and couldn’t really see any ‘rules’ or ‘etiquette’ at the table, so just did our thing. The spicy broth was really good with the meat, however, I swear there was a pound of chopped red chillies in it! We ended up having to fish all the chillies out, as it got spicier as it cooked and then all the other flavours were lost in the heat! Once an ingredient was cooked, we used the ladle to fill our soup bowls and enjoy, until the next item was ready.

You can order sauces for dipping, we had peanut, a type of hoi sin and soya sauce. And to accompany this tasty hot-pot dinner, chinese tea is served or you can order the plum juice – which apparently is healthy and cleanses the palate (it tasted like over sweetened iced tea to me, but was really good).

It’s the chinese version of fondue, broth instead of oil and a very social way to have dinner. I highly recommend you give it a shot, it’s really good!

Mongolian Hot Pot Restaurant at Lansdowne Mall in Richmond
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