La Casa Gelato – a flavour experience

Way back in the mid 90’s, I read this tiny advertisement in the Georgia Straight. It was for La Casa Gelato – boasting to have over 50 flavours of gelato. That seemed crazy to have so many flavours! Intrigued and new to the city, I hopped in my car and went to find it. There it was, beside the train tracks on Venables, a couple blocks west of Clark – a big pink building in the middle of an industrial area: The place of International Ice Cream! It quickly became my favourite spot for gelato and one where I have taken many friends and visitors over the years. They are open 7 days a week until 11pm.

Back then it was about $2-$2.50 for 1 scoop of delicious gelato, in a house made waffle cone. Vince (the owner & head gelato visionary) also had time to chat with visitors and talk about his gelato. Nowadays, he and his wife and family are busy working, selling tokens for gelato and giving out samples to probably hundreds of people every day. 1 scoop will cost approx. $4.00 now. Of course, I don’t really pay attention to the price when I go there, because I am so focused on eating my gelato!!

Now, no words or advice can get you ready for this gelato experience. There are so many flavours and people there, it’s hard to make a decision in under ten minutes! They offer samples on little spoons to help you navigate your way through the gelatos. Simple favourites: coconut, chocolate, raspberry and coffee (to name a few). Creative ones: jackfruit (an asian fruit), green tea, baileys and cappuccino (again, to name a few). And then there are the flavours that are out of the ordinary: purple yam, pear and gorgonzola and balsamic vinegar (to name just a few). With over 200 choices behind glass, you will be there for a while!

Sample the ones you question and the ones you know you’ll like. Because, every single gelato creation is a true flavour match to what you would expect. Although I do sample new flavours and deviate the odd time, my all-time favourite is the PCM (pineapple, coconut and macadamia nut).

They also sell ice cream cakes in a variety of flavours. yum. So check it out if you have not had your gelato fix yet.

La Casa Gelato

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