Red Card – 2nd visit

Follow up- to my first visit to Red Card, as the pizza wasn’t in circulation yet nor were any games on tv.

We walked into full on sports being played on the flat screens. A commentator’s voice was on in the room, as if he was commentating from the bar! On most flat screens, it was the hockey game, on the other football and on a few a lumberjack (is that what you call them?) competition!

The pizza was finally ready to order – yeh! It was pretty good actually, I would order it again. I had the Peperoncini (yes by myself) – hot peppers, gorgonzola & basil. Very well balanced, with a hit of HOT every once in a while. My friends had the Salsiccia Funghi e Asiago – very tasty actually. The fennel (Finocchio Gratinato) on the side, was just okay. The beer selection still is un-touched and really good, this time I tried the Spyhopper Honey Brown Ale from Victoria. It was crisp and fairly smooth (not too hoppy). However the wine selection, well, it needs some work. For an inexpensive place to eat and enjoy beers, the wines by the glass are not so exciting and by the bottle the only good ones are above $60. So it’s a little disconnected from the menu pricing.

All in all, an upscale sports bar, meaning a departure from the typical. You should add it to your list, they can only get better as they iron out the wrinkles.

Red Card Sports Bar

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