Diamond – 2nd visit for food

After my last brief experience, I thought I would head back to Diamond to check out the menu properly.

The space is really quaint, yet open and bright with just enough energy to be fun without being too much. Aside from the cool room, the food was really good. Light SE Asian is the style, and here is what we enjoyed:Betel Leaves (a green leaf filled with a prawn, ginger, peanuts and tobiko roe) – unexpectedly delicious and potentially addicting – 3 per order; Crab and Corn Soup (with dill, lime and coconut milk – yum); Lemongrass Noodles (with fish in a spicy broth and rice noodles and veg) – very, very good and easy to share; Avocado Salad (grapefruit and watercress, small but tasty); Gyoza (must be ordered every time you go, its just that fresh and that good) – made with Sloping Hills organic pork and shiitake mushrooms.

For dessert – the Panna Cotta (an italian dessert) with an asian twist. Flavours of lemongrass, kaffir lime, star anise and topped with logan gelee and raspberry coulis. It was quite lovely.

All items are pretty inexpensive and filling, which is perfect!

The Diamond

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