Yew Restaurant & Bar – upscale but down to earth

Did you ever visit the Piano lounge at the Four Seasons, long ago? Surrounded by plants, a skylight, and tables all around? It was stonchy, and old. Well, surprise! They’ve remodelled the space to create Yew Restaurant and Bar – a modern place to drink and dine.

So clearly I was a little confused about why I had to wear pink on a Friday night out! “But it won’t go with my outfit!!” and “why?” I replied. Well, apparently Yew on Fridays has created DIVA Fridays!

The Restaurant and bar are welcoming with dark wood, low lighting, attentive staff wearing upbeat colors. Be at the bar by yourself chatting to the bartenders or take a low table to mix with friends.

If your female and you’re wearing pink, you’ll get to enjoy one of 4 appetizers – complimentary! AND there are 6 drink specials to choose from at a very reasonable price. $9 to be exact. The cocktails to choose from are carefully and lovingly crafted by the talented crew behind the bar. So you won’t be sipping a typical martini.

I tried the sampler plate of all 4 appetizers, my favourites: the lobster roll with basil and mango; the tempura scallop. Mmmmm delicious.

My cocktail choice was the vodka and grapefruit creation. Not too tart, not too sweet.

There is also the regular menu to choose some food from. And judging by the size of portions I saw, it’s not a bad value. Try the Cheese fondue with poached pears, grilled sausage and some bread. So easy to share, and really very good at $16.

If you want a glass of wine from their list, they have done something really unique. Their wines by the glass are rotating. Because…you can order any bottle of wine off the menu, as long as you have 2 glasses from the bottle. Therefore, the rest of the bottle is sold by the glass at its respective price, giving every guest, every day a chance to try something different or high end even. If you are a wine lover, this is a great opportunity!

And to top it off – Wine Down Sundays. They offer 50% off their entire wine bottle list. The entire list. All day. Now that’s a treat. Try something you’ve always wanted to and share it with some friends.

I have always said, some of our best restaurants in the city are attached to hotels. 🙂

Yew Restaurant and Bar

One thought on “Yew Restaurant & Bar – upscale but down to earth

  1. Paul & Nancy says:

    Global has their new decor all finished and a new focus on Steak . . . the beef window is wonderful.

    Next door, there is a new BBQ restaurant about to open.

    Quite the block on Mainland for meat lovers 🙂

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