Blue Water Cafe – the best seafood

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar in Yaletown has won many awards and considered to be one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. There is a reason for that. You feel like you are in a restaurant, yet it doesn’t feel too high-end, it just feels comfortable, but not like at home, because the staff are attentive and help you enjoy your dining experience!

Now, if you can’t afford to sit down and enjoy dinner (as it is high-end), that’s okay. Do what we did! We sat at the bar for a drink or two and shared some appetizers before heading out on a culinary tour around Yaletown.

The menu is exciting….everything looks delicious! I asked them to arrange an amuse bouche for us – so we enjoyed the Galiano Swimming Scallops baked in the shell with tomato, capers and breading. mmmmmm.

Next, we started with 3 fresh oysters each: Effingham – from BC, slightly briny with a lettuce like flavor finish; Malpeque – from PEI, mild flavored; and Brockers Beach (not sure the exact name!!) – from BC, slight sweet finish. Try them as is, then add some horseradish or red wine vinaigrette, you’ll appreciate the flavors more. And they really well with a nice-cold beer, or a shot of ice cold vodka!

Then we shared the Dungeness Crab Sushi Roll – it was sooooo fresh and juicy with avocado and wrapped in an egg roll instead of seaweed. It really was hard to eat slowly, it was so good!

After the roll was polished off, we shared the Octopus Ceviche, mmmmm. I will admit my brain starts to wonder off when someone suggests trying a tentacle laden being, however the suggestion by one of the staff was an excellent one. It had avocado, some spices and tenderly marinated octopus.

The wine menu is extensive, but our group opted for a Lemon Drop Martini, Kir Royale (champagne with Cassis) and a Innis & Gunn “oak aged” Blonde beer – a delicious Scottish brew!

So start your night out with some appetizers and a cocktail at Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar, it’s a fun way to start your evening and enjoy some delicious seafood!

Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar

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