Las Tortas – gourmet mexican sandwiches

Isn’t a sandwich, just a sandwich?

I have walked by this quaint little place (Las Tortas – Gourmet Mexican Sandwiches) many times since it opened in the fall on Cambie at 17th. But I thought…. it’s just a sandwich shop!
I don’t remember having a sandwich in Mexico?! I had Gambas al a plancha and corn tortillas, where the heck were the “gourmet sandwiches” ?!

Well, finally I caved. I had a torta. I had to check it out….it’s in my neighborhood. And well, I guess there is something better than a regular sandwich!

My torta, the “Choriqueso” was toasted and loaded up with Chorizo sausage and Oaxaca cheese (which I have had in Mexico – and it really is good cheese!); tomato; cabbage (with a twist); pickled onions and jalapenos (adds just enough spice); guacamole; refried beans (this is not a typo); butter and mayo.

It’s disguised as “you can eat all of me” size, however be warned, a half is fairly filling! It was really good, with lots of flavours and just enough spice. Not one flavour over took another, and it was a different style of bread which was nicely toasted. A nice “gourmet sandwich” treat for just under $10.

So if you want to eat like a Mexican (somewhere in Mexico), take the C Line to Cambie Village, wander around the local shops in the neighborhood (between 12th & 20th) and enjoy a gourmet sandwich!

Las Tortas

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