Bao Bei – modern Chinese Brasserie in chinatown

After reading about the plan for this restaurant back in the summer of 2009, it finally opened this past February and I finally got to go!

It’s exciting having a modern chinese restaurant serving up tapas style courses with a cocktail friendly menu. Even cooler, is that it is in the heart of Chinatown!

The room is warm and inviting, yet modern and a cool place to be and be seen. Old style furnishings mixed with modern decor. It’s not pretentious, more edgy (funky) with a mix of modern people. The prices were reasonable, portions smaller (tapas style) and flavours very good! They have taken homestyle Shanghai recipes and modernized them introducing new tastes and ingredients.

We waited for 45 min on the waitlist, so we walked up the street to East Georgia and had some Hot and Sour Soup at Phnom Penh first, then came back to enjoy some light bites.

Wine list is good and few special cocktails, so the menu is not overwhelming, it’s just right. Next time, I’ll remember to steal a menu or remember what I ate other than the Daikon cakes with pork and the dumplings !

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

2nd visit! I got to sit down and enjoy eating dinner this time around! Okay, well we did have the Daikon cakes again (what is it about the Daikon cakes!!); Mantou – explained as steamed buns with braised beef shortrib, however it’s a steam bun turned into a pancake and folded over the delicious meat with a hint of pickled cucumber and just a hint of roasted peanuts – this was really good! Oh and the steamed prawn and chive dumplings, soooo packed with flavour, my inner child was saying….”please say your full my friend, so I can eat the last piece!”. Soups on the menu are decently priced for their size and you wont be disappointed. The Fish Noodle Soup offered a herbacious broth with clams, prawns (tender), cilantro and fish balls amidst vermicelli noodles. Great for sharing too.

Still a favourite place, service was perfect, food delicious, wine choices just enough and an atmosphere modern enough but neighborhood-ish enough to just be comfortable.

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