Chutney Villa – south indian cuisine

When you go out for Indian food, you might think…it’s all the same. Wrong. There are so many styles of Indian cuisine! Here is one style you need to discover – South Indian – considered the spiciest of all Indian food, yet mild options and very distinctive flavours!

Chutney Villa was the first South Indian Restaurant to open its doors in Vancouver. Located on Broadway at Main Street. It’s not fancy from the outside and basic inside. However, well worth the trip as the dishes are flavourful and completely different!

Another foodie friend joined me for lunch recently, it was delicious AND soooo inexpensive!

We shared the Manga Thenga Sundal (green mango, coconut and chickpeas mixed together like a salad) – this was one of my favourites, crunchy, tasty and refreshing yet so simple! Next was the Kerela Parata – a soft, flaky bread used for dipping into curry (or just scooping up all the leftover goodness on your plate). We shared the lunch special of Fish Curry (large chunks in a tomatoes, eggplant and tamarind curry sauce) – delicious and hardy, which came with rice, sambar (small dish of vegetable stew and lentils), pachadi (raita – yogurt with cucumber) and chutney. The lunch platter was $9.95 – an excellent value and easy to share. All our choices went really well together. The Chutneys were a Coconut, baked apple, sweet onion and banana – which is meant only to go with the curry. Mmmmmm!

Of course we opted for Indian style beverages – Moru (buttermilk with mustard seed and coriander) – it would be perfect if you were eating hot curry, however for the milder dishes – it’s just reminiscent of sour milk! The other drink we tried was a Limca – an Indian lime soda with a hint of ginger, very refreshing.

Other noteworthy dishes: onion baji, masala dosa (lentil crepes), murtabak (parata stuffed).
Take a departure from your usual Indian place and try out some South Indian cuisine, you won’t be disappointed!

Chutney Villa

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