Bandidas Tacqueria – vegetarian on commercial

This is definitely one of those restaurants that’s a hidden gem. It’s open for approx. one year, and seems to have developed a following, as I’ve read good reviews and heard great word of mouth comments.

Yes, its vegetarian. Vegetarian – Mexican. Hmmmmm, that’s interesting, I thought, but still after a year had not been to check it out! After too much wine the night before, the first day of my cleanse – I was soooo hungry, so I was really hoping there would be something on the menu I could eat! I was led to this cool little space on Commercial at 12th Ave. Everything is mis-matched – furniture, decor, etc. There is local photographers displaying their art on the walls, and the room includes with hipsters, urban Vancouver-ites and mostly young people – men and women. I wonder, do the men know it’s vegetarian?! ha ha. As there is always a joke among friends – “we need meat”!

Their philosophy is to re-use furniture and equipment, shop and support local, organic mostly and to support the community and recycling program. So their place is actually perfect.

Water out of mason jars, mighty leaf green tea and an abundant menu. Service was friendly, not too little, not too much. At our table we enjoyed: Lois Likes Hash – yams and potatoes with salsa and 2 fried eggs with a side of red cabbage salad. I didn’t think it would rock, but it did! Having the salsa and the fried egg, just made this dish delicious. The other dish was Rocky’s Enchilada – corn tortillas wrapped around black beans and cheese, baked with salsa verde sauce and served with rice and beans. Great flavours and hand-made tortillas.

Pleasantly surprised and full, and my wallet did not suffer at $10 per dish.

Looking around the room at other orders, I look forward to visiting again and trying such dishes as the Tortilla soup, Ronny Russell or Leona Gayle Tacos, or the Estelle as a baked burrito! Or when I miss home, a triple chocolate brownie with a glass of milk. I think it’s great that they also serve wine and beer, cocktails and even sangria, so you can go and enjoy this treasure with friends at night.

Put this spot on your list whether you are a vegetarian or not, it’s really good, great ambiance and clientele and prices! Check out their website for daily specials too.

Bandidas Taqueria
Commercial Drive at 12th Ave.

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