Tenku Bakudanyaki – ball of goodness in Richmond

What we have yet to see in Vancouver is food trailer or vans set up shop in one location or move location to location. This is a big trend in L.A. and Portland. Until then, you can visit the little parking lot across from the RONA in Richmond and discover something new and good from a trailer!

Enjoy a japanese style fritter, freshly made in a trailer parked in the lot. The ingredients are the same for every fritter – shrimp, squid, quail egg, fish cake, cabbage, calamari and rice cake. Don’t expect the fritters to be bite-size. Oh no, they are indeed a meal. When you place your order, you choose one of 7 sauces as the topping: curry, chili mayo, original, wasabi mayo, mustard mayo, pizza and a special sauce.

I especially like the curry and chili mayo. They arrive steaming hot with fish flakes dusted on the top to make this a sensational savoury treat. It’s like something you would have at the Richmond Night Market. $5 per fritter, a great deal.

It’s worth the venture out to Richmond for something different. Heck, do some shopping at Rona, visit Steveston, make it an afternoon affair! ;o)

Tenku Bakudanyaki

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