Korean BBQ

Many years ago this cuisine was deamed the “new” Japanese in terms of trends. We’ve seen quite a few arrive to Vancouver, however I have not made the effort to make a list of the best and most interesting. Well, it’s about time, don’t you think?! My challenge has begun, I will add to the list as I discover a new Korean diamond!

I am starting small….to build, making the list better and better ;o)
Yes, it is classified as Japanese, but the tables offer Korean BBQ option with a small menu. The price can’t be beaten at $13 for the all you can eat lunch – offering sushi, sashimi, salads and bbq meats. In the heart of downtown, this is a great price for lunch!

Kyung Bok Palace
Located in Landsdowne Mall in Richmond (just a Canada Line train away) – this traditional restaurant offers up all you can eat BBQ and sushi for lunch or dinner as well as hot pots off the ala carte menu! I enjoyed the $19.95 all you can eat BBQ with marinated tender beef, AAA beef, beef short ribs and bacon. As this was grilling, we enjoyed seafood pizza (wasn’t my fave), futoyaki (spelling) roll, and all the condiments that come automatically such as kimchi, sweet potato, daikon and seaweed salad and pickled cucumber slices. We also ordered a the seafood tofu soup (very spicy but delicious with some steamed rice!). Great food at a great price!

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