Chinese and Indian – all in one

A very interesting blend of Indian style chinese food can be found in Vancouver. And if you have not been to The Green Lettuce, give it a try.

Yes, spicy indian chinese cuisine, they call it and quite honestly, it’s pretty darn good!
This place was written up in the Georgia Straight many years ago, but it was only recently that I had a chance to visit it.

They are known for their Szechuan Prawn dish – spicy but very good. But I am going to say, try things you are not sure about the flavours, as I think you will be surprised. Some taste just like a chinese dish, and some have more of a hint of Indian influence. In the end, you will be satisfied by the flavours, you will be full and might even have take home food for the next day.

Some items to try: Masala Beef, Bombay Style Garlic Prawn, Fish Pakora or General Tso’s Chicken.

It’s a simple place, it has many returning guests and even if it’s not distinctive to you, this little indian style chinese restaurant offers up value and a twist to the everyday chinese!

Green Lettuce
1949 Kingsway (between Knight and Victoria)

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