Budgie’s Burritos – cheap on kingsway

It’s been around for a while, if you have not been – GO!

Budgie’s Burritos on Kingsway at 8th Ave, is a vegetarian burrito stop. It’s got old style decor, tables and chairs (from the 50’s).

I ate the R.I.P. Taco (grilled and warm) which had tofurkey sausage, rice, cheese, sour cream, salsa and lettuce. YUM! And the Tortilla Soup was really tasty – with avocado, tofu, cilantro and lime – they did a very good job. That’s all I needed this time, but on my list to try next time is… the L.D. Taco (with veggie ground round), the Blair Stanley Burrito with tofu in a roasted chipotle and red pepper sauce, the K.T.B. Taco with refried pinto beans and cheese or with the garlic roasted potatoes!

Prices are under $10 and very filling!

Go with friends and have a specialty drink or beer, or just take your order to go and eat on a bench in a park!

Budgie’s Burritos
44 Kingsway

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