La Taqueria – authentic Mexican taco shop

After eating authentic food in Mexico and Latin America, you know it’s hard to find that same authentic taste when you come back home. Fresh salsa, corn tortillas, fish tacos, chicken mole and tomatillos are just some elements that are never replicated 100%. However, Vancouver is lucky to have an authentic eatery right here in the city and it won’t be too hard to make a decision, they only serve tacos.

La Taqueria at 322 West Hastings St. (the old Nuba locale) – where you can practice your Spanish!

I enjoyed the Pollo con mole (chicken with mole sauce – which has chocolate in the sauce by the way!); Rajas con crema (roasted poblano peppers, cream corn and mexican cheese); Pescado (grilled fish with pico de gallo). All were delicious, each one equally tasty yet different. There is nothing like freshly made corn tacos too.

On another visit… Asada (grilled beef with cucumber – tender and really tasty); Frijoles Charros con Queso (simple beans and cheese). My friends were the adventurous ones trying: De Lengua (marinated beef tongue – apparently very tender and tasty); El Pastor (pork with chile, achiote and pineapple).

Choose 1,3,4 or more tacos, mix them up, stick with one kind – it’s up to you! They are all delicious.
They are closed on Sundays, but open for lunch and dinner till 7 every day. As they have been open for a while, they have a solid group of repeat customers and those who heard about them and are trying them for the first time.

Warning, once you eat there, you’ll get addicted :)!

La Taqueria

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