Hawkers Delight – cheap and good on main

This place has been around for a while, beside Locus on Main at 25th. Hawkers Delight is in the Lonely Planet for Vancouver. And there is a reason. It’s inexpensive and really tasty. But bring cash, that’s the only way you can pay!

All dishes are under $7! All the dishes represent Malaysian and Singaporean Cuisine and flavours. Get your own dish or share with some friends or take some to go. It’s a hole in the wall (so not very big), but well worth the visit!

I tried the nasi goreng (rice dish), the fried kurt teow with rice noodles was delicious with bean curd, shrimp and chicken, the singapore laska is perfect for a cold day (spicy coconut broth soup), gado gado salad with veg(cucumber, carrot, egg, turnip, tofu) topped in a peanut sauce – yum and the mee soto was tasty as well (broth curry soup with veg and fish cake).

Seriously so inexpensive!!

Hawkers Delight
4127 Main St.

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