Vietnamese and Cambodian Food

Here is a place for lunch or dinner in the heart of Chinatown, that will surprise you! Phnom Penh is a basic looking restaurant on East Georgia. It’s not fancy inside or out, but they know what they are doing with food.

I learned about them several years ago in the Vancouver Cooks Cookbook. Their Chef was showcasing his recipe for Hot and Sour Soup with Prawns.

But recently, a friend did some research on what else they are known for and wow, fantastic! We shared of course, the hot and sour soup with prawns. Although served in vision cookware ;o) it was hot with spicy and sweet flavours and big chunks of pineapple. Then the spring rolls which were pretty good, there must have been 8 of them, so great value! And the surprise for me was the butter beef. Thinly sliced beef marinated and served carpaccio style with lots of cilantro and a dark asian sauce. I will admit, I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised. It was really delicious.

If you want a bit of mid-day culture or just an experience, head to Chinatown.

Phnom Penh
244 East Georgia St. (just east of Main St.)

One thought on “Vietnamese and Cambodian Food

  1. Jamie wilmott says:

    I’ve been going here for years, and so have my friends. #35, which if I remember is fillet beef on rice with egg. Might not be for everyone, but i love it.

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