Hungry Men in Gastown

This was my second time to Meat & Bread in Gastown, and I didn’t realize how many men were there! But of course, it’s a lunch place that serves meat, accompanied by bread :). However, I did well with my sandwich, and I wasn’t the only girl to finish one off!

Last time I tried the Porcetta (their specialty) – pork with crispy bits. This time, I tried the Meatball sandwich in a tomato sauce with spicy mustard on the side. MMMMM. Now that, was tasty! Also, their soup special is a nice side dish to this, today’s was Bacon and Corn chowder. Sadly the only thing for a vegetarian would be a grilled cheese.

If you don’t have to concentrate at work, add a local beer or cider to go with it, or just stick with a specialty soda in the bottle.

But if you are looking for a change, need something filling and fast and fresh – look no further.

Meat & Bread
Cambie @ Hastings
370 Cambie St.</strong>

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