‘Tis the Season for Stollen

With Christmas around the corner, you better start planning out the last week of errands and shopping!
On your list should be Stollen for the holidays. Now, you may think that all Stollen is sweet and dry, like
fruitcake, which is somewhat un-exciting. However, I think you should re-consider.

Recently I tried some Stollen purchased from the German Christmas Market. I was shocked! It wasn’t that fruitcake type at all. It was moist, with big pieces of light-colored fruit and it wasn’t too sweet, in fact it was perfect. I am now a Stollen fan, so now it’s your turn to have a Stollen-off with friends to pick your favourite! ;O)

At the German Christmas Market, you’ll find Rum or Marzipan Stollen at the Stollen Haus, made locally by Artisan Bake Shoppe in North Vancouver at 127 Lonsdale Ave. $10-$20, this is the one I tried. http://artisanbakeshoppe.ca/

If you place your order now you may get a special Stollen baked by legendary baker Gerhart Weitzel. He comes out of retirement just to bake 1500 Stollens! Order your “Stollen on a Snowboard” for $20 from Yew at the Four Seasons Hotel, http://www.yewrestaurant.com

Thomas Haas should be next on the list. Apparently even better than the Stollen I tried, ikes, that means it’s REALLY good! A location in North Vancouver and West Broadway, Thomas Haas http://www.thomashaas.com/

The last place I would recommend without having tried their Stollen, is a Vancouver favourite – Terra Breads. I’ve seen it, I’ve passed by it, but I have not yet sampled it! With multiple locations, Terra Breads http://www.terrabreads.com

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