Afghan Horseman Restaurant – middle east experience

You should go if you haven’t. If not for the food, then the atmosphere, the decor or the belly dancers!
Maybe you’ll get a seat in the booth behind the middle eastern curtains, or on the pillows surrounding one of the low-rise tables.

The food is really good! We shared some dishes and enjoyed everything chosen! Pakawra, batter potatoes-deep fried served with Chaka dip, The Baked Eggplant dip served with pita bread. Both easy to share and great value.
For mains we each had our own, but still shared to try the different flavours. There was the Kabuli Palaw – a very tasty vegetarian dish; Chicken Shish Kabob – done very well and served with rice and Chaka dip (sour cream & yogurt).

The flavours are good, the staff very friendly, value for the price and the atmosphere is different. It’s an experience to go (Belly dancers on the weekend)!

Afghan Horsemen
1833 Anderson St. (behind Starbucks, 2nd level, outside entrance to Granville Island)

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