La Quercia

It’s taken me a while to get to this talked about Restaurant, but it was worth the wait. What I was expecting, was not what I experienced, in fact, it was better.

La Quercia located at West 4th and Alma is this quaint little Restaurant, dimly lit, with a chalkboard of the fresh specials of the day and staff that make your whole experience nice. Trust me, they have a lovely menu, pasta cooked al dente, flavours just right and a nice wine list.

We enjoyed the $45 pp. 7-course tasting menu. We shared and it was more than enough food. Expect small plates packed with flavor – and every table receives a different tasting menu, so I can’t share all that I had, because it will change. However, I did enjoy the Salt Cod cakes with Salsa Rossa – not too salty, very enjoyable.

If it’s a special occasion, consider this lovely Restaurant.
Delicious, fresh, and simple Italian cuisine.
Order from the menu or be surprised with a 7-11 courses, prepared by the Chef.

La Quercia
3689 West 4th Ave.

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