Oh sooo many beers at the Alibi

If you are a beer-lover, then you need to make a visit to The Alibi Room.
Located in Gastown beside the train tracks in a loft-like brick building, it’s a cool atmosphere, with great food and a downstairs lounge/bar with tonnes of beer!

With 50 taps (that’s on tap in case you think I mis-typed) of local and imported craft beer, wine and cocktails, and good simple organic food for every type of appetite. They call themselves a modern tavern, yeah, that’s a good way to describe them. They were partly owned by Jason Priestly, not sure if that’s still the story.

Upstairs there are long tables to share as well as smaller ones, and when it’s busy, it has a buzz about it. Downstairs is the lounge/bar where the beers are and it has a cool atmosphere with a in-house DJ.

From hoppy to bitter, dark to light and filtered to unfiltered, there is a beer for you. Just ask the staff, they’ll help you navigate through the menu!

The Alibi Room
157 Alexander St. in Gastown

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