Modern Donuts hit the table


There’s no place too casual or too nice to enjoy Donuts!

Enjoy them before brunch or lunch at Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons (they serve mini donuts with a wee bit of sugar coating and a tropical dipping sauce). At The Keefer Bar in Chinatown late night (they serve Chinese donuts with a Con leche dipping sauce). At a Spanish Tapas Restaurant like The Ox & Angela in Calgary (where they served Churros with chocolate dipping sauce). We should welcome the “donut” with open arms to main stream menus.

And if you are craving a delicious donut, filled with cream, jam or just coated with goodness, you can always head to Cartem’s Donuterie in Gastown  – as they create different, modern tastes. Or head to a traditional favourite like Lee’s Donuts on Granville Island at the Market – simple and delicious and decently priced!

Eat Donuts, Enjoy Life! ;o)

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