Medina for Brunch

Although there are no reservations, that doesn’t stop anyone from waiting in a potentially long line to get into Medina. Located on Beatty Street on the edge of Gastown and Chinatown, beside Chambar Restaurant. This  little Cafe is a delight for a weekend brunch. It’s bustling and you’ll walk away happy and satisfied.

With a friend recently, we both ordered equally fantastic dishes. I was craving something light, but filling. So I ordered La Sante – with a soft boiled egg, olive tapenade, fresh sliced tomato, proscuitto, avocado and grilled ciabatta bread, with just a light drizzle of olive oil. It was just what I needed. My friend ordered the daily Frittata special– a baked egg dish with salmon and veggies inside, she was equally happy with her choice.

Choose tea or coffee or fresh juice with your food. And leave room for “breakfast dessert” – such as the freshly made belgian waffles with the milk chocolate lavendar sauce or the raspberry caramel on top!

Medina Cafe

on Beatty Street just north of Dunsmuir

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