Campagnolo on Main

This part of Main is still a bit edgy with the folks that live and hang out here. However, with Campagnolo being the first restaurant to open up this area to foodies alike, now Pizzeria Farina and The Electric Owl have everyone venturing out!

Campagnolo has been here for many years now, and what they do, they do well. It’s a cool atmosphere with cement walls and wood tables at the front where the restaurant is. But with two or 8 people at your table it creates a fun atmosphere for your dining experience. The back has a lounge with TV’s for the sports buffs.

Start with the Crispy Ceci (fried chickpeas), with some Eggplant Carpaccio or Plate of Salumi. Then share the Salsiccia Pizza (made with fennel sausage) and the Califlower Risotto with Mascarpone cheese. mmmmm.

They’ve got a great Wine Menu of local and international selections, so check out their website for unique events and specials, and enjoy an evening out at Campagnolo!


on Main Street north of Terminal

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