The Merchants Oyster

If you have been to Cork and Fin in Gastown and enjoyed the food, then you’ll definately want to head to The Merchant Oyster on Commercial Drive, it’s sister restaurant!

Expect a casual atmosphere with a coastal feel, chalk boards as menus and a fresh list of oysters. The staff know their stuff, so I am pretty sure you’ll walk away knowing more about wine or oysters than when you started.

We tried the Reed Beach and Beach Gem oyster varieties, they were different but equally delicious. Then some chorizo cured scallops -spicy but oh sooo good! Then we shared the pork belly as well as the flat iron steak– done a very French way, in order to keep all the juices and flavour, amazing!

All paired with a 1/2 litre of Tempranillo wine.

We did get daring at the servers recommendation- we had a digestif called Fernet Blanca. Apparently it might be the new rage…. Not so sure!! But it did pair well with the Chocolate Raspberry Terrine!

The Merchants Oyster
On Commercial Drive


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