The Sardine Can-Spanish in Gastown

Prior to a recent trip to Spain, I was very happy to hear would had a really authentic Spanish tapas bar to enjoy.

It’s just like a small bar in Spain with just 20 seats or so, all high tables or at the bar and lots of tiles to make it even more authentic. 

I’ve been many times and here is a taste of what I’ve enjoyed: Tomato and Manchego toasts (seriously so good), Chorizo con Jerez (cooked in Sherry which reflects Northern Spain), Clams steamed with Chorizo sausage, Spicy garlic prawns (they arrived and smelled just like in Spain!), Patatas Bravas – so yummy, and Meatballs cooked in tomatoes and rioja wine (oh my).

To add to the delicious and very authentic food, there is a great list of Spanish wine and Cava to enjoy. It’s a fantastic little place, definitely worth a visit after work or before you head out for the evening or even on a rainy afternoon!


The Sardine Can

26 Powell Street

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