Killjoy – Wine and Cheese Bar

As many of us know, Vancouver has many, many, restaurants. And one main player in the restaurant/club/lounge scene is the Donnelly Group. So, I was very interested to see their take on a Wine and Cheese bar in Yaletown – as this would my favourite type of place!

Killjoy, a “cocktail tavern” in Yaletown, is a darker lit space, with a long bar and high top tables. definitely more of a lounge/bar than a restaurant. Featuring charcuterie, cheese, local BC wines on tap and a list of creative cocktails.

We tried the Moccia’s Roman Salami, along with two local cheeses. All three were delicious, although I did find the prices to be high compared to the quantity received. They do however, have a really good cocktail menu, wines from the bottle or wines from the tap (all BC). I was excited to have a glass of wine from the tap, but unfortunately the prices were too expensive (much like a high-end restaurant), so I opted for a cocktail. I tried the Unusually Yours – a gin based cocktail with St. Germain and Pear juice, it was really refreshing!

What makes Killjoy so different, is it’s not trying to be a “wine and cheese” spot, it is trying to be a cool bar that offers wine, cheese and local wines and handmade cocktails. With guest DJ’s and a VIP area downstairs, this is a rather small but trendy bar to keep in mind.


1120 Hamilton Street


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