Pizza on Victoria Drive

There is another great Italian Pizza Place in Vancouver to add to the list of authentic pizzerias!

Via Tevere Pizzeria (since March 2012), is located on Victoria Drive in a very quaint corner restaurant in the heart of a residential neighborhood. It couldn’t be in a better place.

From the outside it was full and bustling, an open style restaurant with a very social feel to it. The kitchen is open for all to see in the middle of the restaurant with a beautifully tiles fire oven.IMG_3090

The owner apparently randomly roasts chestnuts for patrons waiting in line or passes out bruschetta, a nice way to keep hungry foodies happy on busy nights.

For starters we also shared the Polpette della Nonna – think big meatball in their tomato sauce. And our neighbors enjoyed the Frittura Napoletana – fried street fare from Naples. I liked that this was a bit different from other Italian menus in town.

So let’s get to it shall we? I took a friend who actually starts thinking about dessert before he orders his dinner! But, he enjoyed the Quattro Formaggi (4-cheese) – which was very tasty and very nice still with the hot chili oil; I enjoyed the Napoletana (tomato, basil, cheese and anchovies) – equally as tasty with just a hint of salt. You can taste the goodness and freshness of the tomatoes being used, and the crust was typical italiano!IMG_3085

Then it was time for dessert. My friend (the dessert-expert) order the Tiramisu of course and he did say it was the best he has had so far. I chose the Graffe con Nutella (I think I was picturing small little dessert – no harm done!) – wow. What arrived was a sugar-coated donut covered in chocolate sauce. I looked over to our neighbors to see them sharing the same  dessert, then I looked back to my plate to realize I had eaten 75%! Apparently it was good.











I recommend this great little pizzeria, with a true Naples family running it, roots are good.

Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana

1190 Victoria Drive

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