Vegetarian Vietnamese

I was so excited to finally check out an old friends little restaurant.

Previous owner of Chau on Robson (Maria Hyunh), serving modern Vietnamese food. She now owns Chau Veggiexpress and The Satori Factory (next door serving local foods with meat) on Victoria Drive.

What you will enjoy about Chau Veggiexpress is, it’s vegetarian, with LOTS of great flavours. She has created the most unusual and flavourful soup bases for Pho with Lychee and dates – just some of the ingredients. Lots of fresh vegetables and of course amazing spring rolls and salad rolls.

Her menu is simple and easy as well.


I had the Diving for Pearls Pho soup, which was delightful and light; my friend enjoyed the spicier Sliding down the Sandunes Pho soup. We shared two of the starters – my favourite the Non La crispy springrolls (with soft taro root inside) and the Namahata salad rolls – her signature if you ask me. Both fantastic and full of flavour.

I surely won’t do this great little spot justice, it’s truly delicious!

You really need to go even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll be very satisfied, I promise.

Chau Veggiexpress

5052 Victoria Drive (@35th)

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