Nook – West end pizza

I will admit, I very rarely make it to the West End to dine out. No excuse really, it just seems far away! ha ha. It’s not, it’s just a hurdle, just like taking the bridge to downtown for West and North Vanners.

But, there are many new places, and good places.

So off to Nook Restaurant we headed, on Denman near Robson.

A very simple but fresh place serving pizza, pasta, antipasto, crostini and salads. Small menu, again with big flavor. Sitting at the bar instead of a table, we got to watch the staff at work creating our crostinis – white bean with olive tapenade (a pleasant departure from the age old hummus); walnut, pistachio mixed with honey (was delicious).

Then we shared the meatballs. Yes I know, just meatballs!? But with 6 in a bowl, they were actually filling and super flavorful! A little spicy kick in the sauce, it went perfectly with my red wine. I had the Nero d’Avola Sedara from Sicily. But easily, one of their three beers would have gone nicely with any dish ordered.

Apparently our theme for the evening was quaint restaurants offering tasty food in the west end! I’d say, we succeeded! Nook is the little sister to Tapastree around the corner, serving tapas with an Int’l and West Coast influence.

Nook Restaurant


One thought on “Nook – West end pizza

  1. Paul in Yaletown says:

    Since I love pizza . . . I’ll have to visit the West end.

    FYI . . next time you get down our neck of the woods . . Rohmers Burger Bar on Mainland has muy delicioso burgers.

    The kitties say hello by the way 🙂

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