Best Pizza Places in Vancouver

Well, over the past couple years we seem to be seeing new Pizzerias opening. Lucky us! They have changed our cravings from thick crusted, piled with ingredients, cheap pizza to a thin crusted, ancient grain pizza topped with home made salamis to brussel sprout leaves. The way to test a new pizzeria on freshness and simplicity is to order their Margherita Pizza – you want to taste the tomatoes and basil and consistency of the crust.

Check these fantastic Pizzeria Restaurants out around Vancouver!

Bibo Restaurant – serving home-made pizzas and pastas by a real Italian Pizza maker using a wood-fired oven, D-licious!  Eat in and sit at the bar or a table and enjoy watching them make pizzas to order.

on 4th just west of Burrard.

Nicli Antica Pizzeria – like Bibo, they make a traditional crust which is hard to cut through – making it perfect, just like in Italy. Eat in and enjoy wine and beers and a nice atmosphere looking out to historic Gastown. They do use a fire oven as well.

on Cordova in Gastown.

The Firewood Cafe has been a favourite for years – using a wood fired oven and doing take out or delivery only.

on Cambie at 14th.

Pizzeria Farina – simple website for a simple place, they make so much dough per day, and when its gone, its gone. Eat in or take out, offering simple and tasty pizzas, no alcohol, but a cute place.

on Main Street north of Terminal.

Campagnolo – serving fantastic Italian dishes, as well as traditional style pizza, this is a perfect place to eat in and try some great wines to go with your pie.

on Main Street north of Terminal, across from Farina.

Pizzeria Barbarella – using a fire oven, this new pizzeria is a great addition to the east side. They make some of their own sausage and are very creative with their pizzas, I had the Cavolini – was really good!

on East Broadway at Fraser St.

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria – using a fire oven as well, this is a different pizzeria offering a more family friendly, casual atmosphere. You order from the counter, sit down and they deliver. They do have beer and wine, and even a special deal including a discounted cinema ticket. Good thin crust pizzeria and prices are good.

on Commercial Drive north of East 1st Ave.

Via Tevere Pizzeria – a Naples family business, in a lovely designed restaurant where the fire oven is the centre of attention. Sometimes the owner is serving folks waiting in long lines little snack of roasted chestnuts to bruschetta to ease the wait.

on Victoria Drive just north of East 1st Ave.


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