Market at the Shangri-La

I was asked to pick the nicest place for dinner in Vancouver, ha! Not an easy task, but I thought – it would be nice to try Market Restaurant at the Shangri-La and to be at a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant (as he is a renowned chef).IMG_3050

It’s a very modern, classy space, the bar and lounge are separate from the dining room, which has low hung lights with a modern and simple decor. But, the menu…not so simple. Which I think in this case is a good thing.

We both opted for the 5-course tasting menu and it was well worth it! I am sure their menu will change but we enjoyed a salmon and oyster tataki style appetizer (surprisingly nice  – as I wasnt sure what to expect); then to a wild mushroom soup with truffle oil (sooooo delish); Then we had a seared scallops with a green apple slaw (I loved this taste combination – probably my favourite dish!); and our entrée was the Ling Cod, I believe they made me re-like this fish, it was amazing! And finally dessert. A delicious way to experience bits of the menu.

And expect a variety of wines, we enjoyed a lovely Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Fantastic!

So I would add this to your “nice restaurant” list, and be ready to pay, but I assure you will not be disappointed.

Market Restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel

on Alberni St. at Thurlow downtown


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