Sal y Limon – Mexican on Fraser St.

In a tiny strip mall, at the corner of Kingsway and Fraser is a very un-assuming little restaurant called Sal y Limon.

But what you should expect is a well priced spot with really good Mexican cuisine!

Take it to go or eat in the casual restaurant. I’ve been a number of times and have enjoyed the traditional Tortilla soup – very spicy but really tasty. Also they are really known for their authentic tacos. I’ve enjoyed the Pollo Pibil (slow roasted chicken) with some cilantro and onions on smaller corn tortillas shells and the El Pastor (pork with pineapple) and their Vegetarian (always good to mix it up!)

It’s not expensive and you never wait too long, so stop by during the week for a quick dinner or wander by on the weekend and then explore the shops along 15th Avenue just across the street.

Sal y Limon Mexican Cuisine

Kingsway & Fraser


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