Oyster Express in Chinatown

IMG_3748I am sure everyone has been to Rodney’s Oyster Bar in Yaletown. It kicked off the Oyster revolution and the style in which they serve, etc. But there is a new Oyster Bar in town, and that’s Oyster Express. It seems odd to have a modern restaurant in the heart of Chinatown, but for some reason the neighborhood lends to the atmosphere.

It’s a quaint place with maybe 25-30 seats, right in the heart of Chinatown. It’s got a nice little wine and beer list and an array of great local oysters. Plus a small yet very knowledgable staff.

They have $1.50 oysters everyday plus the regular list ranging $2.50-$3.50. The day I visited it was Summer Breeze that was on special which were delicious.

definitely check it out, at night or on the weekend, this cute place is a nice addition to Rodney’s and Chewies!

Oyster Express

296 Keefer St @ Gore



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