Healthy Gourmet Ramen in Chinatown

Although not that new anymore, I finally made it to Harvest in Chinatown. And wow! Simplicity at it’s best.

It’s a small little café, with a home-style feel, and even a few outdoor seats. They sell a few local products (as they are called Harvest Community Foods), including delicious Ernest Ice Cream! But, of course the best thing there, is their gourmet, fresh, local Ramen and Udon soups. With a choice of meat or vegetarian, rice or regular noodles, you’ll feel replenished after a bowl of this delicious-ness! The flavours are simple and enhance the dish subtly as if your were sitting in a gourmet restaurant and paying much more!

I enjoyed the Sake Kazu Chicken with rice noodles (oh yes, you can change your noodle preference on every dish!) with shiitake mushrooms – mmmmm!

It’s a stop-in kind of place, but definitely put it on your radar for lunch or quick dinner, you’ll feel better that you did!



243 Union St. (by Main St.)

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