Sausage Stop in Chinatown

A fun and NEW eatery has opened in Chinatown, called Bestie! Why is it fun? Because, its bright, welcoming, retro-diner style café serving simple food with simple wine and beer. It’s changing in Gastown, but especially in Chinatown. Now instead of avoiding the edgy areas, we can actually start to enjoy their intricacies.

Bestie, is serving up sausages, pretzels and some salads. Small menu? Yes, which just makes it easier to order!


Try the Currywurst sausage served over fried with their fantastic curry ketchup sauce. Word has it, the sausage is from Oyama (only the best sausage makers in town!). Then make sure you have the Pretzel board with a good European style smelly cheese sauce and mustard – sooo very gooood. And the Kohlrabi slaw is a fantastic addition, fresh, crunchy and will pair well with everything on the table. It was all decently priced and tasted really good!


When I was there, the liquor license was on its way… so I enjoyed the Grapefruit Kiss Soda Pop, which was refreshing! But now they have their license, so you can choose from some local beers and cider to a couple local wines. All I am sure will pair nicely with everything on the menu.





Truly, this is a gem. Open late night too, (or morning – till 3:00am) Friday and Saturdays.

Check it out, take in the neighborhood, relax and enjoy.


105 East Pender @ Columbia

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