Modern Chinese #2 in Chinatown

Thanks to a great Modern Cantonese restaurant in Chinatown a few years ago, because they started a little trend. They showcase Chinese specialties in a modern way. Well – Ta da! Now, we have another great little restaurant doing it a little different, just a few blocks away.

Welcome to newly opened, Bambuddha. Located in Gastown, this modern Dim Sum eatery at 99 Powell Street is in the centre of the action. With It’s big open window at the front, it makes sitting at the bar great for bartender watching and people watching on the street. But if you prefer to sit down at a table, the restaurant is long, with many tables to choose from in a fresh, contemporary decor.


My first visit, really was just a teaser. Sitting at the bar, it was a pleasure watching the “mixologists” at work on their creative cocktails, which was the popular order by far. But of course, its wine I was after, and a nice little wine list they had. I enjoyed a lovely glass of Chardonnay from Bourgogne – refreshing after a days work! As well, my taster visit included the Wood Ear Mushrooms – savoury, slippery fellas, but tasty. And the BBQ Pork Steam Buns – snack size! 3 mini buns arrived, cut open like sliders (perfect snack size)  and tasty without lots of the dough.

Although I didn’t try more that evening, a good look at the menu indicates this modern Dim Sum eatery is a place to add to your list (and to mine, for a proper go at the menu).



2nd visit! I did get back sooner than later, and got to enjoy the bbq pork steam buns (again) with the pickled cherries (you must eat them together), and the special of chicken skin peppered, with wedges of lime. Although weird in a sense, not much different than eating the crispy skin along with the chicken when you’ve had it at home. It was tasty.



99 Powell Street (between Columbia and Carrall Streets)

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