Cool and Funky Sushi

Just like coffee shops, Vancouver has many sushi restaurants. Many are a very similar atmosphere, but a few that actually feel like a cool spot to hang out or make an evening destination. The General Public Sushi Restaurant or “Lodge” as they call it, is just this, a cool place.

Go hungry, thirsty, and with patience as it could take you a while to decide what to order! Here’s a teaser of what was consumed on my visit: Goma-ae (spinach salad with peanut sauce – you can’t really go too wrong with this one); Agedashi Tofu (a favourite which was done well here); and then a special roll! I won’t tell you which one, because I suspect each one is delightful. They are creative and fresh. Whether it’s a Udon soup, Japanese Curry or platter that you order or share, there is enough to satisfy your cravings, and keep you there with a fun drink menu.




Add this great little spot to the “fun” and “yummy” list.

The General Public Sushi Lodge

3289 Main Street @ 17th Avenue


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