Ask For Luigi – dinner

Are you aware of Railtown yet? Well you better get over there, because it’s “happening”. With the Urban Winery just around the corner (and they are about to launch their own restaurant), and a great Railtown Cafe not too far, it’s growing into its own little gourmet pocket in the city! I had the chance to visit this quaint restaurant again – but this time for dinner and between 5 gal friends! Oh yeah!


And again, fantastico (thats Italian right?)! The service is good and they know whats going on with the wine menu too. And for a Gluten-free gal like myself, it’s like striking GOLD when a restaurant nails the perfect gluten-free pasta recipe! There is no way a gluten-eater would be able to tell!


Main Dishes


So…let’s get down to the nitty-gritty shall we?

To start, we shared the wonderful Fried Cauliflower with Aioli. We turned into hungry dogs over this plate! Then we shared the Meatballs, soooo good, just enough sauce and good home-made styled balls of goodness. Then it was time to have our own delectable dishes (no sharing allowed!). Two gals enjoyed the Papardelle with Duck Ragu – it looked quite tasty, and since we were not sharing (remember ‘hungry dogs’) – they said it was very good – so we’ll just have to take their word for it. I enjoyed the special of the evening which was a gluten-free Linguine with Octopus (very very tender) and a light sauce. Really surprised me actually!


Naia – Verdejo. If you want a refreshing white wine without the high acidity, and without it being to soft and fruity – try this delicious, upbeat and lively Verdejo (the varietal) from Spain. I’m pretty sure you will want to buy it for your fridge, post dinner 🙂Naia Verdejo

It was another successful and fulfilling visit to Ask For Luigi. Truly worthAnd they even have a great wine menu  – which they know lots about – so ask away!

Ask For Luigi

305 Alexander St. (in Railtown)

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