Phnom Penh – Vietnamese or Cambodian?

Phnom Penh is Vietnames/Cambodian but quite honestly there is not much distinction.

I learned about this long-time successful little, hole in the wall restaurant in 2003 when I discovered the “Vancouver Cooks” Cookbook. Inside many restaurants/chefs and owners featured their best recipes. Phnom Penh featured their Hot & Sour Soup with Shrimp.  And because I’m a visual person…once I saw the picture,  my eyes became larger and I began to salivate. I had to go there!

Well it’s now 11 years later, I have been many, many times and every time it’s just as tasty as the last time. Go with a friend or a bunch of you. But just GO! Now get ready, it’s not fancy. It’s a typical nonchalant asian restaurant on a side street in Chinatown. You might not even choose it if you didn’t hear it from me (and other fans).

The menu is big, so experiment or just look around the room for ideas. The staff are actually pretty helpful.

IMG_5639 IMG_5640

        Here are a few of the things I’ve enjoyed over the years! The Hot & Sour Soup with Shrimp of course – the 

corning ware dish it comes in is always piping hot (I swear they must shop at value village for the obscure corning ware dishes they have!!), but with sprouts, pineapple, tomatoes and some spongy asian vegetable – it might be hard to wait for it to cool down. Also the Shrimp Supreme (shrimp on sugar cane) is just like when I had it in Vietnam – kind of simple but tasty.  Also, they are known for their Butter Beef (beef carpaccio dowsed in asian sauce, crispy shallots and cilantro) – melt in your mouth and delicious! Recently we added Lotus Stems tossed with garlic to the mix – surprisingly flavourful and crunchy – not bad at all. And always, there is either an order of Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings or Black Pepper Calamari on the table. They both come with this  salty lemon pepper sauce that you use as dip – so dam good (although fried – so probably not on the super healthy list)!

IMG_5641Shrimp Supreme & Chicken Wings

So, there you go – some recommendations from a super-fan.

The rest is up to you. Explore the menu!

Phnom Penh

244 E Georgia St (between Main & Gore)


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