Chewies – an Oyster Bar of sorts

Chewies. Now here’s a place that is fun, for an afternoon or evening outing with friends! And you don’t have to like Oysters to go. They have much more on their menu. Plus, instead the majority of the servers being female, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the majority of male serving staff. Slightly refreshing, for me – as I’m a gal, but I am sure the guys would probably not agree :).

That said, it is still a fun place. Think Rodney’s Oyster Bar with less maritime/west coast feel and a more of an open air atmosphere with a Louisiana style menu. They have a good selection of oysters PLUS a good menu to order from whether small or big appetites. And much like Rodney’s, when they fill your little glass of wine, it’s to the rim, yes the rim. Have fun with that! For some reason the only picture I’ve managed to snap is of a non-oyster dish, possibly because there is NO waiting around to dig into the oysters!

I have tried the Fried Gator & Hush Puppies – yes, weird perhaps, but it tastes like chicken! No kidding, really it does. They are soaked in buttermilk and were crunchy and tasty – a great share dish. The Seared BC Humboldt Squid (pictured below) – was a delightful changed from a breaded, deep-fried style of squid or calamari. This had a cucumber/jalapeño salad to pair with it and it was fantastic! Also, don’t forget to order their Cornbread – this ranks up there with some of the best.




2 locations: Kitsilano (2201 West 1st Ave @ Yew) or Coal Harbour (1055 West Hastings St @ Burrard)

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