Fable in Kitsilano

You are probably well aware of the trending happening not just in Vancouver, but on the West Coast and beyond – Farm to Table. Using local, fresh ingredients in the kitchen. We, the consumer are the lucky ones – as it makes Chefs more creative with what’s in season.

One of the restaurants that doe this very well is Fable. Expect a cozy restaurant, that is usually quite booked, with a menu to awaken your taste buds.

A recent visit was just as delicious as my first time and the service was still fantastic (bonus points in my eyes).

For starters – we shared a lovely Grilled Asparagus salad with goat cheese and pancetta and tomatoes (the special of the evening and a delicious first choice). Then for our mains (sometimes too good to share) – I went vegetarian with the Zucchini Tagliatelle with a cashew tomato sauce. The zucchini in thin strings replaces pasta with a  tasty, thicker sauce of cashews(!!) – it was light and sooo very tasty. My glass of Prosecco was a perfect and simple match to my dish. Across the table from me was NOT vegetarian. It was Ricotta Gnudi (formerly knows as Gnocchi) – with pulled pork, a bright green basil pesto and chanterelle mushrooms. Wow if you are craving flavours – this is your star! This one paired really well with an California Chardonnay.

IMG_5676 Fable


Whether you sit at the bar (always social and fun) or have a table – from the service to the food, it is truly and enjoyable experience!


Fable Restaurant


West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano

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