Bambudda Restaurant in Gastown

IMG_3754As always, Gastown is still a prime area in Vancouver for dining out, nightclubs or taking it easy in a cocktail or wine bar. And one of these places, is a great place to start your evening, or enjoy with friends for the night. A modern chinese menu, Bambudda will definitely surprise you with innovate cocktails, starters and main dishes.

A nice bar faces the street at the front of the restaurant, and tables are quietly set back from the street overlooking the bar and stretching to the back of the restaurant, with windows facing Alexander Street. The atmosphere suits modern chinese, with the entrance being very airy and inviting.

My recent visit was on a Friday night by myself. I chose a seat at the bar where there was a little more entertainment. Now, I usually will peruse the wine menu and choose a glass, but something was drawing me to try one of their creative cocktails. Even though I spotted my newest discovery – Pasion de Bobal from Spain on the list. Instead, I tried 3 hand crafted cocktails from the bar team. 1st was Bubble Tea – made with Gin, lemon juice, blue curaçao…, 2nd was Old Hickory made with two types of Lillet, and my 3rd was Secrets of a Geisha made with rum and topped with lychee sake foam. Each one was uniquely delicious, to my surprise – I officially became a cocktail liker (far from lover, but its a start).

IMG_3747As I sipped, I ordered some creative dishes to snack on, starting with Pickled cucumbers with a creamed tofu topping. Okay – very surprising as it looks like cucumber with whip cream on top, yet it was slightly peppered, the cream tofu was simple in flavour, while the lightly vinegar cucumber added the crunch. Quite a good little dish. The next one I tried was a Dungeness crab rice (looked like risotto) which was not cold or hot, just pleasantly warm with edible flowers. And lastly I had the Mushroom dumplings with lamb, a very rich and savoury dish  – possibly a bit heavy for summer but nonetheless it was tasty and filling.

Definitely worth trying this summer.



99 powell St.


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